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Indian Hat

 January 30, 1806: "The dress of the Clatsops... they wear a hat of a conic figure with a brim confined on the head by means of a string which passes under the chin and is attatched to the two opsite sides of a secondary rim within the hat.  the hat at top terminates in a pointed knob of a connic form also... these hats are made of the bark of cedar and beargrass wrought with the fingers so closely that is casts the rain most effectually in the shape which they give them for their own uce or that just discribed.  on these hats they work various figures of differnet colours, but most commonly only black and white are emplooyed.  these figures are faint representations of whales the cones and the harpoonneers striking them."

February 22, 1806: " We were visited by two Clatsop women and two boys who brought a parsel of excellent hats made of Cedar bark and ornamented with beargrass.  two of these hats had been made by measures which Capt. Clark and myself had give one of the women some time since with a request to make each of us a hat; they fit us very well, and are in the form we desired them. we purchased all their hats and distributed them among the party.  the woodwork and sculpture of these people as well as these hats and their waterproof baskets evince an ingenuity by no means common among the Aborigenes of America.""

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