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  TRADING GOODS (You are here)

12 pipe hawks 48 butcher knives
132 knives 6.5 lbs. sheet iron
12 needle cases 8 brass kettles @ 2.5 lbs each
brass strips  (12 lbs) 2 corn mills
180 pair scissors brass wire (12 lbs)
knitting needles (14 lbs) 2800 assorted forged fish hooks
144 pocket mirrors (glass) 180 pocket mirrors (pewter)
96 burning glasses 144 iron combs
432 curtain rings 288 assorted thimbles
2 cards beads (?) 3 lbs beads
73 bunches assorted beads 6 bunches large red garnet beads
62 bunches brown beads 10 bunches yellow beads
25 bunches white beads 10 bunches smaller blue, yellow, white (each)
8.5 lbs red beads several yards trade cloth (red, blue)
Chiefs Coats powdered vermillion
tobacco - there is no mention of this item in the trade goods list or company supplies.  But, it is known that tobacco was given as a present.  

Also, there were "Chief Bundles" containing an assortment of better quality items.  These bundles were intended for the "Chiefs" of each tribe encountered.  A number of spare American flags were also given as gifts.

Source:  South Dakota Chapter
Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

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