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 Lewis and Clark Trail "Re-live the Adventure"

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The Terrible Storm Caitlin Mayo You are Here

The Terrible Storm

My family and I went on a long camping trip that followed the Lewis and Clark Trail. On July 1st, we were camping in Mobridge, South Dakota and we experienced a night that we will never forget. My sister, brother and I were in our tent and our mom and dad were in their tent. After we had all gone to sleep, a terrible storm hit. This storm was a lot like a hurricane. We live in coastal North Carolina and have had many hurricanes. It was raining hard and the wind was so strong that it howled! When my sister Shannon woke up, she saw that one end of the tent had collapsed on me! The lightening flashed constantly and in the middle of the night we didnít need a flashlight to see! We were scared. The thunder and wind were so loud that we couldnít hear anything else. Suddenly, our dad was at the tent. He helped us get out and we ran to our parentsí tent. Then all five of us were in a two-man tent! We were glad to be safe and together. Somehow we managed to go back to sleep. The storm made us think about how difficult it must have been for Lewis and Clark.

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