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Missouri Headwaters State Park
Missouri Headwaters State Park (state park), Montana, United States

Missouri Headwaters State Park is located 4 miles northeast of Three Forks, off of Hwy 205, then onto Hwy 286

The Headwaters State Park is a hiking/bicycling park with interpretive trails and vistas that commemorate Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery Encampment in the area.

GPS Coordinates:
45   55. 25 N      
 111 30. 07 W

Call: 406-994-4042


Confluence of the Madison and Jefferson

Panoramic image "Confluence of the Madison and Jefferson Rivers, Missouri Headwaters State Park, Montana"
 by Brent Phelps 

Lewis and Clark named the three rivers which combine to form the Missouri
(Jefferson, Gallatin, and Madison rivers).

July 28, 1805:  "both Capt. Clark and myself corrisponded in opinion with rispect to the impropriety of calling either of these streams the Missouri and accordingly agreed to name them after the President of the United States and the Secretaries of the Treasury and state having previously named one river in honour of the Secretaries of War and Navy.  In pursuance of this resolution we called the S.W. fork, that which meant to ascend , Jefferson's River in honor of Thomas Jefferson.  the Middle fork we called Madison's River in honor of James Madison and the S.E. Fork we called Gallitin's River in honor of Albert Gallitin.  the first two are 90 yards wide and the last is 70 yards.  all of them with great valocity and thow out large bodies of water" Captain Lewis

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Lewis & Clark Caverns State Park

The area of Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park was passed by the Lewis and Clark Expedition on their way up the Jefferson River. Several Lewis and Clark campsites are nearby and accessible by canoers.

 The scenic river canyon cuts through the foothills of the Tobacco Root Mountains emerging into the Gallatin Valley, which is surrounded by four mountain ranges.

Although named after "Lewis and Clark" the Caverns were an undiscovered jewel until 1892.

Bozeman is the nearest large city, while Three Forks is closest hub of services and recreation.

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Lewis And Clark Caverns State Park (state park), Montana, United States