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Lewis and Clark Trail ~From Sea to Shining Sea ~ Suggested Itinerary
Departure City - Destination City Miles Field Notes
 Billings, Montana - Great Falls, Montana 335 miles You are here

Text Box: 1805

Park City/Laurel, Montana- July 19 - 24, 1806.  Clark’s group stopped here to carve out two dugout canoes for their exploration of the Yellowstone River and during the night half their horses were taken from the neighboring Crow Tribe. The Crows were honored by all Plains tribes as the most expert horse-thieves.

Laurel, Montana - Canyon Creek Battlefield. Eight miles north of Laurel, Canyon Creek Battlefield is where the battle between the Nez Perce Indians led by Chief Joseph and the US Cavalry led by Col. Samuel Sturgis took place.

Laurel, Montana - Chief Joseph Monument.   Monument can be viewed in the center of Laurel's business district at the intersection of First Avenue and Main Street.   The famous Nez Perce passed this area leading his people toward Canada in 1877.


Livingston, Montana - Sacajawea Park -  " At the Yellowstone" Bronze Statue   Statue of the Shoshone woman Sacajawea on horseback and with Pomp as a toddler.

Bozeman, Montana- Bozeman Pass. Clark's exploration team crossed Bozeman Pass on July 15, 1806 after a recommendation from Sacagawea. Clark writes: “"the indian woman who has been of great service to me as a pilot through this country recommends a gap in the mountain more south which I shall cross."

Three Forks, Montana – Missouri Headwaters State Park July 28, 1805 Lewis and Clark named the three rivers which combine to form the Missouri (Jefferson, Gallatin, and Madison rivers).

Gates of the MountainsHelena, Montana - Gates of the Mountains


Field Notes- The Corps arrived at the great falls of the Missouri on June 13, 1805.   The Captains anticipated the portage time around the single falls of the Missouri at approximately 2-days, in reality they found a succession of rapids, cascades, and five falls covering over twenty miles plus an incline of 500 feet!

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Great Falls, Montana – Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Interpretive Center. Very impressive, a must see.

Great Falls, Montana - Giant Springs Heritage Park. Features one of the largest fresh water springs in the world & Roe River - the shortest river in the world!

Great Falls, Montana -C.M. Russell Museum Complex.   Russell's permanent residence (built in 1900); Charlie's original log cabin studio (built in 1903); 46,000 sq. ft. Museum structure.

Great Falls, Montana - Overlook Park.  A bronze statue by the late Bob Scriver featuring Lewis, Clark, York, and Seaman, the dog.

Ulm, Montana - Ulm Pishkun Buffalo Jump State Park. Is possibly the largest buffalo jump in the world, was used as a jump site between 900 and 1500 A.D. Below the cliffs that stretch more than a mile, the soil reveals compacted bison bones nearly 13 feet deep.

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