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Who is in the Photo?

Sacagawea, a.k.a. Amy Mossett from North Dakota

Capt. Wm. Clark a.k.a. Craig Rockwell from Washington

Capt. Lewis, a.k.a. Scott Mandrell from Missouri

 Sitting Bull, a.k.a. Dr. Ron His Horse is Thunder, President of Sitting Bull College & descendant of Sitting Bull from North Dakota

 Theodore Roosevelt, a.k.a. Ray Anderson from Arizona

 Custer, a.k.a. Steve Alexander from Michigan. 

 (photo by Jim Mallory)










"Lewis and Clark return to Washington D.C. for Presidential Inaugural"  Parade

From a 55-foot keelboat to a parade float -- television viewers and inaugural parade visitors met the historic figures of the Lewis and Clark Expedition on January 20, 2005. 

"A Vision of America" selected as the 2005 Presidential Inaugural Theme, 
 highlighted the Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

In 1804, President Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark on a mission to explore the newly acquired Louisiana Purchase.  By November 1805, the explorers had reached the Pacific Ocean and held a historic vote. This was the first documented vote west of the Mississippi that recorded a Native American Indian woman (Sacagawea) and an African  American man (York).