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 1805 Journal Entry Archives
 1806 Journal Entry Archives
1804 Journal Entry Archives  August 27 - 31, 1804 

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August 27, 1804

"G. Drewyer came up and informed that he could neither find Shannon nor horses, we Sent Sheilds & J Fields, back to hunt Shannon & the horses.  - proceeded on passed a Bluff at 7 mes.  Several mile in extent of white Clay Marl or Chalk under this bank we discovered Large Stone resembling lime incrusted with a Subtanc like Glass which I take to be Cabolt, also ore*, three mes. above this Bluff we Set the Prairie on fire, to let the Soues Know we wished to see them  at two oClock an Indian Swam to the Perogue, we landed & two other Came they were boys, they informed us that the Souex were Camped near.  We sent Sjt. Pryor & a frenchman with the Interptr. Mr. Durion to the Camp to See & invite their Great Chiefs to Come and Counsel with us at the Callemet Bluffs."    Clark

ore* - Here Clark gets a good view of the Niobrara Formation, an impure chalk or marl, which later became famous for the fossil skeletons of marine reptiles and remains of forminifera (one-celled animals) which it contains in abundance.  The glassy substance is probably the coating of a concretion or nodule which is common in the Niobrara.  Clark's reference to cobalt and ore are wishful thinking as no metallic ores have been discovered here.

August 28, 1804

"We came too below the Calumet Bluff and formed a Camp in a Butifull Plain near the foot of the high land which rises with a gradual assent near this Bluff.  before we landed the French rund a snag thro: their Perogue and like to have sunk, we had her unloaded, from an examonation found that this perogue was unfit for Service, & deturmined to Send her back by the Party intended to Send back and take their Perogue*  accordingly Changed the loads, Some of the loading was wet .  J Shields & J Fields joined  they did not overtake Shannon with the horses who is a head of us.  "    Clark

Perogue* - Evidently they intended to send back Corporal Warfington's party with dispatches, as planned earlier but not accomplished until April 1805.

August 29, 1804

"rained last night and Some this morning  verry cloudy  Set some men to work to make a Toe rope of Elk Skin,  and my self to write,  Sent on man to pursue Shannon a head with some provisions, I am much engaged writeing a Speech  at 4 o Clock Sergt. Pryor & Mr. Durion the Soues interpeter with about 70 Soues arrived on the opposit Side of the river  we sent over for them, who came over Mr. D & his Son *who was tradeing with the Indians Came over  Mr. Durion infomred that three Chiefs were of the Party, we sent over Serjt., Pryor with young Mr. Durion, Six Kettles for the Indians to Cook the meat they Killed on the way from their Camp ( 2 Elk & 6 Deer) a bout a bucket of Corn & 2 twists of Tobacco to Smoke intending to Speak to them tomorrow-  Sergt Pryor informs that when he approached the Indian Camp they Came to meet them Supposeing Cap Lewis or my self to be of the party intending to take us in a roabe to their camp** - he approached the Camp which  the Sioues Camps are hansom of a Conic form Covered with Buffalow Roabs painted different colours and all compact & handsomly arranged, the lodges contain from 10 to 15 persons."

Mr. D & his Son * - Pierre Dorion, Senior, evidently had several sons by the wife he took among the Yankton Sioux.  The one met here is generally assumed to be Pierre, Junior, who later joined the Astorians' overland trek to the Pacific and was killed by Indians in Idaho in 1811. 

 take us in a roabe to their camp**  - The custom of carrying a distinguished visitor to camp seated on a buffalo robe supported by several men was evidently widespread among the Sioux.

August 30, 1804

"after Brackfast  we sent Mr. Dorion in a Perogue for the Chiefs and Warriers to a council under an Oak Tree near where we had a flag flying on a high flagstaff delivered the speech & then made one great Chief by giving him a Meadel & some cloathes.  after night a circle was forrm around 3 fires and those Indians danced untill late, the Chiefs looked on with great dignity  much pleased with what they had,  we retired late and went to bead. "

August 31, 1804

" We gave Mr. Dorion a Commission to act with a flag and some cloathes & Provisions & instructions to bring about a peace with the Seioux, Mahars, Panies, Pnocas, Ottoes & Missouries and to employ any trader to take some of the Chiefs of each or as many of those nations as he could Perticularly the Seuouex."

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