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Clark Canyon Reservoir
1100 Mt Highway 41, Dillon, MT 59725-8380

Clark Canyon Reservoir is the site of Camp Fortunate and Cache # 3
(now under the reservoir)

Clark Canyon Reservoir
1100 Highway 41
Dillon, Montana 59725
Call : 406-683-6472




August 17, 1805

"I had not proceeded on one mile before I saw at a distance Several Indians on horseback Comeing towards me.  The Intertrepeter & Squar who were before me at Some distance danced for the joyful sight, and She made signs to me that they were her nation, as I aproached nearer them descovered one of Capt Lewis party; the met me with great signs of joy... those Indians sung all the way to their Camp... Three Chiefs with Capt. Lewis met me with great cordialliaty embraced and took a Seat on a white robe, the Main Chief imedeately tied to my hair Six Small pieces of Shells resembling perl which is highly Valued by those people"
Captain Clark

" Shortly after Capt. Clark arrived with the Interpreter Charbono, and the Indian woman, who proved to be sister of the Chif Cameahwait.  the meeting of those people was really affecting, particularly between Sah cah - gar-we-ah and an Indian woman, who had been taken prisoner at the same time with her, and who had afterwards escaped from the Minnetares and rejoined her nation ...  we now formed our camp"  (Camp Fortunate)
Captain Lewis

  • Cache # 3

August 20, 1805

"I walked down the river about 3/4 of a  mile and scelected a place near the river bank for a cash, by evening the cash was completed"
Captain Lewis

July 8, 1806 - Clark's exploration team retrieving Cache # 3

"after dinner we proceeded on down the forke which is here but small 9 miles to our encampment of 17 Augt. at which place we Sunk our Canoes & buried some articles, as before mentioned the most of the party with me being Chewers of Tobacco become so impatinet to be chewing it that they scercely gave themselves time to take their saddles off their horses before they were off to the deposit.   I found every article safe, except a little damp." Clark 


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