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Aim Carefully          1806 Mishap Patrick Gass Fort Builder
An Arikara Chief Rivers of the Expedition
Birthdays of Lewis and Clark Saving Private Shannon
Christmas for the Corps Spirits of Spirit Mound
Clothes for the Corps Story of Dr. Gary Moulton     
Daily Life of Sacagawea Story of Sacagawea
Eastern Legacy Story of York
Flintlock Rifle Tale of Two Rivers
Gone Fish'in with Silas Goodrich The Adventure Begins
Heading Home The Buffalo Dance
Help from the Natives The North American Bison
Lewis and Clark Trail Stats The Story of Seaman
Lil' Pomp The Vision of Thomas Jefferson
Members of the Corps Where did the Corps come from?
Mother Earth Who was Captain Clark?
Murder or Suicide Who was Captain Lewis
New Plants and Animals Winter on the Great Plains
Ocean  in View! O! the Joy! Zebra Mussels - Lewis & Clark Cleaning

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