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Pompey's Pillar National Historic Landmark
Pompeys Pillar National Historical Landmrk, Montana, United States

Boardwalk to Signature is open all year round!

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Welcome to Pompeys Pillar 28 miles east of Billings, Montana

" I marked my name and the day of the month and year," wrote Captain William Clark in his journal on Friday, July 25, 1806.

This inscription is one of the surviving on-site physical remains of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Pompy's Tower


Clark named this rock Pompy's Tower.  Pompy was Clark's nickname for young Baptiste Charbonneau whose mother, Sacajawea, was the party's interpreter.  Pompy means "little chief" in the Shoshone language. 

Captain William Clark's signatureCaptain William Clark's signature is the most notable on Pompeys Pillar.  The rockface also shows animal drawings created by people and other etched in signatures.
Pompeys Pillar is like a sandstone history book that reads like a who's who of western frontier history!


Preserved for you !


Enjoy your stay and the spectacular scenery at Pompeys Pillar.  

As you travel on your adventure remember all those who came before you and the people who will come after.

Pompeys Pillar has been preserved for you and future adventurers.




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