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  • The Missouri River: Begins at the Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson Rivers in Montana, to the Mississippi River, at St. Louis.  On May 14, 1804, the Corps of Discovery began their journey up the Missouri River.
      The Missouri River is the longest river in the United States at 2,540 miles.  The Mississippi River is second at 2,340 miles.  Read more >>

Discover One of America's National Treasures on the Missouri River  >>


  • The Clearwater River &  Lochsa River: Flows along US highway 12.  The Lolo Trail, route traveled by Lewis and Clark in 1805 & 1806, parallels Highway 12 along the upper ridges. 
  • The Snake River: 1,040 miles long, chief tributary of the Columbia River.  Was called Lewis' River
     ( October 10, 1805).  View map >>
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