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30.  Government Island: Lewis & Clark called this "Dimond Isl" for its shape, and camped on its north shore.  Access by boat only.

31.  Parker's Landing:  Camping at the mouth of the Washougal for six days. the Corps traded with the Indians and hunted elk for the return trip.  Interpretive sign.

32.  Lewis & Clark State Recreation Site:  The Corps' hunters explored this area at the mouth of the Sandy River, which they called the "Quicksand".  Sergeant Pryor ascended six miles.  Interpretive signs and botanical trail; historical museum in Troutdale.

33.  Vista House/Crown Point State Park:  The original "comfort station" on the Historic Columbia River Highway commands a 30 mile view of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area and several Lewis & Clark sites.  Interpretive exhibits/signs.

34.  Rooster Rock State Park:  Clark wrote " we encamped under a high projecting rock on the Larboard Side"-  Interpretive signs.


Map Source: Lewis & Clark Bicentennial in Oregon  1200 SW Park, Portland, OR  97205.  Ted Kaye &  Roger Cooke. 


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