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Lewis and Clark Trail ~From Sea to Shining Sea ~ Suggested Itinerary
Departure City - Destination City Miles Field Notes
The Dalles, Oregon - Seaside, Oregon 244 miles You are here

Lewis and Clark in Oregon/Washington Map PDF -  731KB

Cascade Locks- Bridge of the Gods (toll bridge).  The third oldest bridge on the Columbia River, spanning the states of Oregon and Washington. Long before recorded history began, Indian legend says the Great Spirit built a bridge of stone that was a gift of great magnitude. The bridge was called, "The Great Cross Over" and is now named "The Bridge of the Gods".

Bonneville Dam & Bradford Island Visitor Center. April 9, 1806 was the day the expedition camped on Bradford Island on their return voyage. Interpretive Center and fish ladder with viewing of Salmon heading upstream.

Oregon Scenic Highway 30 hugs the cliffs and follows the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area.  World famous Multnomah Falls, second highest (620') falls in the United States, is located along the way with several other waterfalls and Vista House rest stop.

Troutdale, Oregon – Rooster Rock State Park. Clark wrote “ we encamped under a high projecting rock.”

Portland, Oregon- “The Rose City”. Home of Rose, Japanese & Rhododendron Gardens, World Forestry Center. 

Portland, Oregon - Oregon History Center & Musuem.   With its fabulous eight-story-high trompe l'oeil murals by Richard Haas, the Oregon History Center is a landmark in the heart of Portland's Cultural District.

Fort Stevens State Park, Oregon.   Site of Clatsop town noted by Captain Clark
Coastal Area Map with Historical Sites  209 KB    PDF

Astoria, Oregon - Fort Clatsop National Memorial Park. Winter home of the Corps of Discovery, Fort replica. 100 days only 12 without rain.

Astoria, Oregon – Columbia Maritime Museum. Focuses on the Indians of the Northwest.

Astoria, Oregon - Astoria, Astoria Column.  Enter the column and climb the stairs that lead to a beautiful view & overlook.  Also the location of the Indian Burial Canoe.

Astoria, Oregon - Clatsop County Historical Society & Museums - The Clatsop County Historical Society preserves and presents the area's local history in three museums and a historic house

Cannon Beach, Oregon – Ecola State Park. January 7, 1806 William Clark along with 12 others, including Sacajawea, went to the ocean to see the beached whale.

Cannon Beach, Oregon - Whale Park.  Near Cannon Beach, Captain Clark measured and documented the remains of a whale skeleton:  " found only the Skelleton of this monster (whale) on the sand - this skeleton measured 105 feet."    Haystack Rock (where The Goonies was filmed) is another popular attraction.

Plan your visit to Cannon Beach

Klootchy Creek County Park – 2.5 miles east of highway 101 on US 26.   The largest Sitka Spruce in the United States and the largest tree in Oregon is located in the park.

Seaside, Oregon – End of the Trail Statue. 

Seaside, Oregon - Saltworks.  At least three men were assigned here though the number varied and personnel were rotated to make salt.

Lewis and Clark Sites to see & other historical facts (Washington Side)

Highway 14: By action of the Washington State Legislature, the highway between Clarkston on the Idaho border and Ilwaco at the mouth of the Columbia River has been designated an official Lewis and Clark Trail Highway. Markers, as adopted by the Federal Lewis and Clark Trail Commission, have been erected intermittently along the route by the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Beacon Rock State Park, Washington. Second largest monolith in the World! Clark remarks about the "Beaten Rock" while proceeding down river to view potential rapids, 1805.

Vancouver, Washington- Fort Vancouver. Built in 1825 on the Columbia River, near the mouth of the Willamette, as the Pacific headquarters of the Hudson's Bay Company. It was in operation through 1860. 

Cathlapotle Plankhouse, Ridgefield, Washington.  On March 29, 2005 the doors to the Cathlapotle Plankhouse on Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge was officially opened! 

Lewis and Clark Campsite State Park – Washington (across from Astoria, Oregon). At this site a vote was taken on November 24, 1805 to decide on the location that the expedition would winter. Everyone had the opportunity to vote, including York and Sacajawea. Majority voted to cross the Columbia River and look for a site that would provide hunting, salt-making, and possibly await the arrival of a trading vessel.

Ilwaco, Washington - Fort Canby State Park & Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
. Both Lewis and Clark led exploring parties to Cape Disappointment. Interpretive Center focused on the Expedition with actual artifacts and trails to lighthouses marking North Head and Cape Disappointment.

Long Beach, Washington. Clark’s party hiked up to today’s city of Long Beach. For modern day travelers, Long Beach has claimed that is has the “World’s Longest (unobstructed) Sand Beach” 28 miles.  Lewis & Clark Discovery Discovery Trail, an 8 mile trail that runs between Ilwaco, Washington and Long Beach, Washington

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